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Harvest Your Happy

A Farm Girl’s Guide to Leading, Succeeding and Living Your Best Life

In Harvest Your Happy, Camilla Gray-Nelson shares the life-changing principles that turned a farm girl into a successful entrepreneur, mentor and leadership trainer.  The book shares her practical field-tested methods for growing happy relationships and nurturing attitude, gratitude and purpose in order to harvest ultimate happiness.

Living on a working farm, Gray-Nelson sees profound lessons in the simple cycles of the natural world, and in observing the hidden rules for social interaction animals instinctually know, that allows them to get along and get what they want without fighting.

Lipstick and the Leash

Dog Training a Woman’s Way

Because the vast majority of the dog-owning families leave dog responsibilities to women, literally thousands of women have come to Camilla Gray-Nelson over the years – feeling powerless, frustrated and defeated.  They assumed dog training requires either masculine strength and bravado (which women do not possess) or endless cookies and treats (which they are reluctant to use or have found didn’t solve troublesome issues). Camilla is passionate about helping women and saving dogs. By focusing on a woman’s special challenges in dog training, and revealing her hidden strengths, LIPSTICK AND THE LEASH can help you discover your Inner Leader, train a dog that will make you and your family proud and ~ ultimately ~ give you a road map for getting more of what you want in life.
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